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I hadn’t been to High Point in several years, and boy, was I ever glad I returned for the Spring 2015 furniture market in April! I spent a lot of time sourcing new suppliers of furniture, lighting and accessories for our projects, reviewing new product launches and revisiting old favourites. I also got a preview of design trends to come which you can read about in Design Destination | High Point. All of this was tremendously eye opening and motivating, but the thing that inspired me the most was viewing the meticulously designed showrooms. The furniture manufacturers pull out all the stops and spare no expense in order to make their product shine. They created vignettes that looked like photos in a magazine and I was overwhelmed by all the interior design eye candy. I throughly enjoyed seeing the unique ways they organized the furniture and pulled everything together. There were several vignettes that I would happily have moved right into! Here are a few of my favourite photos from the most spectacular showrooms.

Corea Sotropa Interior Design _ Highpoint_HighlightsThe Century Furniture showroom was immense. I adored this room they created with a global vibe. It reminded me of the movie Out of Africa and I pictured Meryl Streep and Robert Redford living there. I especially loved the length of this console table, the casual arrangement of art and accessories and how the chair could be pulled in so it could double as a writing surface. A brilliant idea for a long hallway or office!

Corea Sotropa Interior Design _ Highpoint_Highlights

This wonderfully chic space also from the Century Furniture showroom was sophisticated and elegant. I really adored this bar cabinet with the textured doors and black legs and how they used it as the focal point. The art around it, stool in front and little chair with black and white leopard made my heart leap! Such a great layout and one I would not have thought of.

Corea Sotropa Interior Design _ Highpoint_Highlights

The CR Laine showroom embraced colour. Bright cobalt, minty green and shell pink were all prominently featured. It was definitely the most colourful of all the stops on our trip! I was drawn to this feminine bedroom setup which fearlessly used blush tones on the headboard, bench, rug and accessories. I loved the use of a single hue punctuated with black and white. So often clients are nervous about selecting a shade other than a neutral for their upholstered headboards but it looks dynamite when you take the risk. I thought this arrangement was absolutely divine, and wanted to crawl right into that bed for the night!

Corea Sotropa Interior Design _ Highpoint_HighlightsOly Studio is set up in an interesting old building with amazing windows and a courtyard. It is so well edited and refined – a real slice of heaven. The white backdrop and fabric they employ showcase their unusual and whimsically shaped furniture. This little stool with antelope legs and the geometric brass etager caught my attention. I really appreciated how they stood out against pure and simple surroundings. Lately, Oly has been my go to source for interesting and slightly quirky statement pieces.

Corea Sotropa Interior Design _ Highpoint_HighlightsThis glamorous living room situation in the Hickory Chair exhibit had me at “hello”! The centre table with flowering branches separated the two spaces beautifully and could be used for dining or as a library table. I really enjoyed seeing the double glass and brass tables in front of the sofa instead of a cocktail table to break things up. I think I may have taken about a million photographs in this showroom because everywhere I turned there was another gorgeous piece of furniture or incredible detail. Pure design genius!

Corea Sotropa Interior Design _ Highpoint_HighlightsEquestrian motifs abounded at High Point this year and I thought that Palecek‘s use of it in conjunction with tribal detailing was fabulous. I loved the combination of graphic rug, neutral upholstery, animal print, rope, upholstery tacks, wicker and textured wood. Throw in some Hermes inspired stools and a horse head sculpture and you’re all set! I was intrigued by the mix and thought it paired beautifully together.

Corea Sotropa Interior Design _ Highpoint_HighlightsI stumbled upon this charming dining suite in Dovetail – a supplier I was not previously familiar with. They do a great job of modernizing shabby chic and country farmhouse into very livable, pretty pieces. I was struck with the simplicity of this dining table arrangement with the variety of glass vessels and casually arranged flowers. It was as though you had just returned from a stroll through a meadow and brought home a collection of wild flowers. Casual simplicity at it’s best!

Corea Sotropa Interior Design _ Highpoint_HighlightsOn my final day, I made a trip over to the Junior League of High Point Showhouse which I had heard about through Traditional Home Magazine. It was a treasure trove of design inspiration! Each room was individually designed by a noteworthy interior design firm and each room was such a pleasure to view! The bohemian artist’s retreat by L. Moore Designs   was such a delight, and I adored the gallery wall installation and tacking detail of the day bed. I’m so glad that I didn’t miss this spectacular showhouse. It was the icing on the cake!

My trip was so worthwhile and I am hoping to return again soon. In addition to sourcing out new products and increasing my knowledge of my favourite suppliers I took in so much design inspiration. I’d highly recommend a trip to High Point Furniture Market for any interior designer looking to add a little spark to their current repertoire of ideas.



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The Buzz | Dinner x Design

the-buzz-dinner-x-designCorea Sotropa Interior Design has been working fast and furious behind the scenes for the upcoming GE Monogram Dinner by Design. This event brings together celebrated and talented designers to create three dimensional dining installations that awe, inspire and delight. These extraordinary dining environments, from the lavish and romantic to the outrageous and whimsical, set the stage for two days of fun and fascination.

This exciting event takes place in the lobby of Alberta College of Art and Design, and tickets are available at  We hope you will join us for either the Cocktail Art & Media Preview on Thursday, June 11th at 8:00 pm, or the Seated Gala Dinner at 6:30 pm, Friday, June 12th.

Be sure to check out principal designer Jacqueline Corea on Global News tomorrow morning with tips on creating the perfect table setting. Her live segment will air at 7:50 am, Saturday June 6th on Global Calgary.

In the meantime, here is a little preview of our design we are calling “The Gilded Wild”.




The Team at Corea Sotropa Interior Design

Corea-Sotropa-Interior-Design-Designer-Speak_Bachelors-ChestI have always had a fascination with history, especially when it comes to the daily life of our ancestors. Belief systems, wars, discoveries and exploration among other things shaped how people lived and what they created. Art was largely influenced by these factors, but so was architecture, fashion and even furniture. I enjoy researching how historical furniture was influenced by past events and how the styles were modified over time to suit our current needs. I even like to imagine the stories of the people who used the antiques that are sold in shops today. Does this makes me a weirdo? Don’t answer that – I’m pretty sure I already know the answer! I also love to share this information since I find so many clients and even designers are unaware of the origins of pieces of furniture we currently use today. Therefore my friends, it’s time for another round of Designer Speak, where history and interior design collide and I spew my knowledge of little-known furniture facts. Hang on to your hats, because today I’d like to take you back to 17th century England in order to examine the Bachelor’s Chest.


A rare George I Bachelor’s Chest shown with fold out writing surface c. 1720 via 1stDibs.

Imagine if you will, a young Sir Isaac Newton, in 1664 leaving Lincolnshire, England and setting off for Trinity College in Cambridge. He probably had very few belongings since he came from humble beginnings but perhaps he had a small chest with a fold out writing surface like the one shown above. An English-made multipurpose piece of furniture like this was called a Bachelor’s Chest and they first appeared on the scene in the late 1600’s – a time rich in scientific discovery, seafaring exploration and new ideas. It held just enough clothing for a young gentleman setting off on his own to further his education or career as was expected of intelligent young men. The dual function of a desk must have made it very handy for small quarters like a room in a boarding house or a university dorm. Honestly, I don’t know if Sir Isaac Newton really had one, but he is English and remained a bachelor so just humour me. I’m rather tickled picturing one of the greatest geniuses of all time calculating his theories of gravity in his room by candlelight on a Bachelor’s Chest. Who knows, maybe he did.


Bedroom with inlay Bachelor’s Chest. Image via House Beautiful, design by Soucie Horner.

Today the Bachelor’s Chest is most often seen bedside and usually the fold out desk is replaced with a flat pull-out surface or is completely non-existent. It’s design has evolved to include interesting hardware, upholstery tacks and even colourful lacquer elements. Nowadays, any small chest can be referred to as a Bachelor’s Chest. Instead of two identical beside tables I like to use a bachelor’s chest on one side of the bed and a round table or nightstand on the opposite side for an asymmetrical arrangement. Plus, the drawers provide extra storage when closet space is at a premium. Here are a few modern day favourites….


Clockwise from top left: Baker Furniture, Bernhardt, Vanguard Furniture, Century Furniture, Kindel Furniture, Hickory Chair.

I wonder if Newton would have approved of these modern models? I hope you’ve found this little interior design history lesson entertaining and enlightening. Thanks for indulging me!


Jacqueline and the team of Corea Sotropa Interior Design

The Calgary Interior Design firm, Corea Sotropa is known for their sophisticated but fresh approach to residential and hospitality interiors. Please get in touch for all your interior design needs!

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